About emptiness and sudden chaos

April 24, 2011

A good night’s sleep

Pancakesbreakfast with real latte macchiato
Then out in the sun
Under the wind
A bus into town
A steep walk up the Mount of Olives
Many hats
A funeral
Stones on tombs
Real estate
Amazing views over the old city
Inspiring thoughts of how it must have been
A long long time ago. Again. So so interesting how all these different believes merge in this place
How similar and different at the same time
How inspiring
How hate-fuelling
How restrictive
How sad
How potentially fabulous

Stoned. Overlooking. Waiting.

Narrow streets
Views over rooftops
Emptiness and sudden chaos
Busloads of people from Idontknowwhere
And from the East

A lot of walking
Knaffi for aperitivo
A nice dinner with nice Egyptescapefriends

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