About waterwalkingshoes and unfinished projects

April 23, 2011

It’s like, well. Being in Egypt, I guess.
We eat fries that come an hour after we ordered them
We swim in the sea, today the current is different from yesterday, we cross some plastic waste
The mountains are still there, they look a bit different than yesterday but their position is still the same
The parked camel is not there anymore
It’s Saturday
I had another falafelfreefriday. Today I ate some but here in the Sinai they put strange things in them. I prefer the Nazarethfalafel.
Silly little waterwalkingshoes
Sun and laziness
Pancakes for breakfast
Right and wrong
Thoughts of faraway, mixed with sunscreen

Silenced. Uncoloured.

Silence has fallen over the place while we wait for our taxi to bring us back to the border

Jeder hängt seinen Gedanken nach
120km/h, without a seatbelt, and sometimes on the wrong side of the road
There’s the desert to the left and the lights in the distance on the right, on the other side of the water
Saudi Arabia
Uncountable modern ruins, projects started and never finished
Empty room, guests who never arrived and who will never arrive
Lights here and there, little  signs of life
A curvy road, it’s almost dark

On the other side, after a million questions
We have ice cream and French fries for dinner. In this order. Oh it’s good to be grown up.
I lay my head back and look thought the roof window of the car
There are stars, there’s the reflection of the radio display
I want to sleep, but the cars coming in our direction have their bright lights on
So I will have to sleep another time

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