About parked camels and imperceptibly shifting time zones

April 22, 2011

I woke up with the mountains in my back and the sea in the front

The reason for the silly waterwalkingshoes.

Flipflops and sunglasses, I feel timeless
It’s easy to forget what season it is, which month, you even don’t know that when you crossed the border, the time zone moved with your steps West
When your life is momentarily unstructured, things around you loose shape and priorities change and suddenly (or not so suddenly) the most meaningful decisions of the day become whether to swim, lay in the sun or in the hammock or play backgammon
And the only important thing is to drink enough water

Somebody parked his camel at the entrance

Timelessness, pictured.

4 Responses to “About parked camels and imperceptibly shifting time zones”

  1. pilotka said

    … and somebody else had pancakes every day 🙂

  2. laura said

    you mean those insane amounts of chocolate ahmed put on the pancakes?
    oh, and bananas are fruits.

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