Pinamar_S 37° 06′ 43″ W 56° 51′ 51″

March 20, 2011

Driving from BsAs to Pinamar is 4hrs of flatness

No dramatic glaciers
No millioncolourscanyons
Nothing but flat flats
Dotted with cows, Schilf, a few trees
Framed impressions of nothingness
A few clouds

As exciting as it gets. On the way to Pinamar.

Pinamar is: wind and sun and emptiness in yet another season gone by
There are people fishing, in Pinamar, late at night
Police men patrolling on squads
But no fish
There are hundreds of beautiful houses, half of them empty, the other half for sale
And just every now and then a sign of life, als hätten sie sich verlaufen
No fences
No obvious indication of where you garden ends and your neighbour’s begins. But there is no you and you also don’t have neighbours. So – no fences needed
We look into people’s kitchens


****Let’s pretend JB sent me his pictures so at this point you’d see a picture of me on the beach****

Pine trees
The sandy streets paved with pine cones and spikes
There is ice cream and the full moon
And tiny little fried squids that make you want to become a vegetarian again bur also not cause they’re really yummy. With lemon.
There are neverstoppingwaves


Cree-PI-namar at night. When fishers don't fish you don't ask questions.

There’s a weekend away and there’s a bus ride back ‘home’ to BsAs and there are many thoughts with a jazzy background
I move my comfy semi-cama chair back and look outside
I close my eyes and open them again
The landscape hasn’t changed, but the light and the colours have
I do the same thing a few more time until it’s dark
We’re slowly rolling towards the city
It’s Sunday night
Tomorrow: Morcheeba concert in the Lunapark
Tuesday: the day before Wednesday
Wednesday: departure

Walking through deserted Pinamar, looking at retirement options.

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