Back in BsAs and going

March 23, 2011

My last days were a lot of running around and a lot of doing nothing
And it was Morcheeba in concert from a very nice position
Wonderful live show

Lighted. Morcheeba in concert. Lunapark, Buenos Aires.


Posh hotel rooms
Rooftop pool
With a view over the city
Then some more good food
A jazz night
When I wake up in the morning, it rains
I leave, Argentina cries
The way to the airport is: grey
The wait is: filled with a few doubts
Hasta la proxima. I will be back cause when you’re in love you return. And I did fall in love. With the South. The North. La Capital. The other North. The Northwest. The centre. What’s South of BsAs.
Oh, and I ate those Patagonianberries. So it’s decided.

Flying. Home.

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