Flight to Iguazu: missed.
I might have said this before, but Aerolinas Argentinas is a disaster. BUT: they show Glee! And you have your own little TV. Which is more than Lufthansa offers on their 13hrs flight across the Atlantic. I don’t think I ever laughed so much over a stupid TV show. It’s so bad it’s good. No, well actually it’s really bad. And yes, once more on our trip people must’ve thought we were completely out of our minds BUT those of you who have seen that show know what I’m talking about (for the records: I haven’t seen any more episodes after these flights. Oh, yes, plural. Four full episodes! *mwa*)

Luggage. No luggage.

Puerto Iguazu: a strange place
Nice bed sheets
Free caipirinhas
Terrible live music
The international language of love
Cleavages and late check outs
Planning next food while eating food

Water. A lot of it.

The falls: amazing
A lot, a lot of water
On the Argentinean side: the water
On the Brazilian side: the panorama
A tribillion tourists each day. They all come to stare at water. What’s it about waterfalls? Hard to tell from the distance. Easy to tell when you’re under them. Like us. On that boat.

Rowing. And no, we were not afraid of any of the superdangerous animals out there in the water *shakinghead*

Goingdowndown. Down.