The end of this time

April 30, 2011

On the way to the airport

The holiday is over
Time flew and still – it felt like way more than just two and a half weeks
A lot of travelling
Lovely people
New faces on the map
And old ones
Tons and tons of food
Old walls and new walls
Miles walked
New and notsonew impressions
Everything was different from 2005
The desert
The salt
The views

Different views. Or the same. And I just haven't seen them last time. Must be it.

The talks
The music
The opinions
The stars, en route
Tel Aviv. And the road back to Jerusalem.
Egypt, but no Jordan
N still owes me a trip to Bethlehem, so I guess I’ll have to come back at some point.
Oh, and the food. The food! There is so much more food to be eaten you wouldn’t believe it.

I see the lights of Tel Aviv in the notsofar distance. It’s almost time to get off the bus and on that plane and leave

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