Ein Avdat_30° 48′ N 34° 47′ E and Mizpe Ramon_30° 36′ 34″ N 34° 48′ 4″ E

April 26, 2011

Driving South, it’s Tuesday

Avdat, ‘Station no. 62’ of the Spice Route
Thoughts about the past
From far West through here, on camels, months, to Gaza, the port, then to Europe
Today you could take a plane from West to East and back but it’s even easier to go down the street to the supermarket to get your spices. Even those you don’t know where they come from and what they taste like.
And Gaza, well, Gaza is what it is, today.

A re-beautiful walk through Ein Avdat Nature Reserve
A canyon
Steep up, rewarding views
To the right, to the left

Two curlygirls having a lot of fun. Again. Different continent.

Further South, to Mitzpe Ramon
A huge crater, left behind when the sea became a desert
We stand and stare in awe
Colours and shades beneath us, we sigh
Endless views over to Jordan and Egypt, somewhere over there
There’s a road winding itself through all this moonlike beauty, minute cars down in the distance
Where are people going?
We get drinks and sit down for the last spettacolo of the day: sunset
We drinksingjoke until it’s too cold, then we leave North
Suicidal foxes and crazy drivers
Thinking thoughts of occupation
Thinking thoughts of independence
The stars look a bit different in the Negev, at night

One Response to “Ein Avdat_30° 48′ N 34° 47′ E and Mizpe Ramon_30° 36′ 34″ N 34° 48′ 4″ E”

  1. laura said

    thanks wietse for capturing this moment!

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