Akko_32° 55′ 25″ N 35° 4′ 22″ E

April 16, 2011

Today: further North. Akko.

Beautiful little place
A market
Scarfs and lemonade with mint
Dresses and pomegranate juice
A lot of information
Under the hot sun, some wind
About fish and no restaurant on the beach
Haifa in the near distance

On the way back: a stop in a Russian supermarket/night club to buy wine and duplo
Suntiredness after hours spent outside
Now: off to homemade falafel
Life’s good

Sunday: Another invitation, another huge family meal
This time in a big shady garden, overlooking Nazareth
An old quiet man
Sitting at the head of the table
Quietly observing
Full of interesting stories of the past. Of people. Of the region.
A man who has lived history

Driving down the winding roads again, up, right, left, following directions
Knaffi to go
And a fun trip back South
With the fancy 500 that doesn’t like going uphill

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