Esquel_S 42° 54′ 0″ W 71° 19′ 0″

January 12, 2011

Esquel_S 42° 54 0 W 71° 19 0

After almost a whole day of driving through absolute nothingness

In Esquel, people like to water their front lawn. Even if they don’t have a front lawn.

Random thoughts pop up in my head, in this place –
If the Argentinians didn’t eat so many cows, there would be less leather bags
Waterfalls never look good on pictures
In Argentina, you always have stuff in your shoes

Parque de los Alerces

Day one: a group excursion (or: a social experiment)
Moohs and määähs
A boat
No tomatoes
A day at the lake
A lot of laughter. And stretching.

D und NMe and N

Day two: a beautiful 7hrs hike around the lake
After every peak we climbed, there was another one
Ice fields
Loose rocks
Breathtaking views
Back down: an hour in the sun
Warm skin, hidden

Downdown, down, down

The road always winds. Up or down.
An old man takes our bus. He gets on next to purple flowers. And leaves again at the beginning of the town.

Esquel: left

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