On a 22hrs bus ride. Destination: Esquel

January 9, 2011

09 January

D broke a sink in the hostel and they had lettuce again
El Chaltén. What a place
I ate the berryicecream, so I will be back

Already more than 16hrs on the bus
Another 6 or so to go
Out there: nothing


Earlier: snow capped mountains in the very far distance
Some guanacos
Some sheep
I don’t remember when I last travelled on such a bumpy dirt road for so many kms
We stop in the weirdest places
Thicker Than Water in my ears
Yellowishgreen bushes
And the horizon
It’s all a bit greybluishpurple
A few more sheep – if they know their way home?
A loud movie in Russian
Next stop: middle of nowhere
It must be a million degrees in this bus
No view
Jack sings for me
Another 3-5hrs
The sun is highhigh up in the sky

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