Ramallah_31° 54′ 18″ N 35° 12′ 21″ E

April 28, 2011

We drive along the wall
It’s the first time I see if from so close
We cross the checkpoint, we cross unchecked
We have yummie food and interesting conversations with a girl none of us had ever met before
We end up in a fancy bar
Slutty clothes
Bad music
The most unexpected situations are sometimes the funniest. Or most interesting ones.
A flat tyre
A lot of phone calls
We cross the checkpoint again, again unchecked
We’re back and there’s so much more to see, I realise

2 Responses to “Ramallah_31° 54′ 18″ N 35° 12′ 21″ E”

  1. wietse said

    You forget:

    A flat tyre
    A plane to catch to Brazil
    A lot of phone calls 🙂

  2. laura said

    I was about to put it, but then it would’ve sounded as if I had to catch a plane to Brazil, which is of course not true 🙂

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