Ein Gedi and surroundings_31° 26′ 60 N 35° 22 ‘ 60 E

April 25, 2011

We drive from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea

The lowest point on Earth. – 420m.
It’s warm, it’s Monday
We’re four, and three of us sing. That’s 75%. Not all that bad.

Floating in the saltiest water
Covering ourselves in slimy mud
The mountains in the background. And the foreground.
Saltwater in the eyes –  a very very painful and stupid thing to do
Happy people

Driving to Ein Gedi but too late
Too late for Masada as well, so we drive further South
A short hike up, through a stream, along cliffs, over loose rocks and there we are on top of it all
The Dead Sea to our feet
Jordan on the other side
Once you’re up, it was always worth the climb

Beautiful day
Ending with good food and a view over Jerusalem

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