OnTheWayToNuweiba_Sinai_Egypt_29° 2′ N 34° 40′ E

April 21, 2011

Your thoughts sound different when thought while driving through the night

They seem to travel longer distances, but it’s hard to tell how far they go because of the dark that surrounds them.
The lights in the distance could be anything, in this case, they’re another country, maybe two.
You don’t understand the language they’re speaking and you don’t understand yourself.
You try to think that it’s all good but you’re not quite sure if you believe it.
It’s late, you’re on the way to somewhere, somewhere warmer, but it’s windy and the road winding and you’re not so sure anymore where it is you wanted to go and all the houses you pass seem to be made of cardboard, silhouettes against a black background, the Red Sea.

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