‘Come back and we see.’

April 20, 2011

Slept. Woke up. Thought. Got out of the house. Walked to the old city.

It’s a holiday. I didn’t know.
So there’s no walking tour. Or maybe yes. ‘Come back and we see.’
I already know what that means but you also never know. In life. And in Jerusalem.
So I go to the Church of the Holy Sepulcture instead. Today it’s windycloudysunnywarmcool, the weather is a bit like me, undecided.
I go back at 2 p.m. and of course there’s nobody. Of course I’m not surprised. I’ll try again tomorrow at 10.30.

Golden. Put there.

So I walk NorthEast. Destination: the Educational Bookstore (http://www.educationalbookshop.com/)
Coffee. Mich ein bisschen sammeln.
There are a million people in the streets of Jerusalem. It’s crowded wherever you go. You can’t walk you can’t breathe you can’t even hear your own thoughts but thinking is also not the right thing to do on this Wednesday.
Drinking my coffee, reading and wondering, I see people walking past one floor down, there’s a bridal shop across the street that sells terribly horrible dresses.
There are other people reading, in silence, there are people talking in the bookshop-part of the bookshopslashcafé, they’re buying books and films, they’re getting educated.
There’s a clock on the wall that I can’t read and there’s a ‘Visit Palestine’ poster on the wall.
Cosmo and Elle on display, somehow not fitting in this ambiente.
There’s a couple reading a Turkey guidebook. Wrong country.
There are people parking outside
I’m slowly drinking my coffee but things don’t seem to become much clearer. How do other people do it, I wonder.

I need to buy a cookbook from this part of the world.


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