Tel Aviv_32°4′ N 34°47′ E

April 18, 2011

A short night and a very expensive breakfast at the American Colony Hotel later, here I am back in Tel Aviv
Seeing friends with years in between is always a pleasure
Especially if it’s many
This time it’s 2002, 2005, 2011
A stroll
A fresh juice
Another stroll
A frozen yogurt
New red shoes
A new cup for my cup collection
The sun burns, 36°C
Water, no shade, and a quiet centre on this holiday
Evening comes and I do what I do best – exactly, I eat.
A Pessach dinner with lots of ununderstandable words (despite my English version of the Haggadah, especially for the strange guest from Europe)
I surrender to all the being-fed
Last time I came to do the sightseeing
This time I came to eat (or so it seems)
Of course I don’t complain. And I am expanding.
So far, Nazareth still wins foodwise
But every invitation to friends’ (or friends of friends) homes is a privilege and a pleasure and the food always plenty
I might have to roll out of the country

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