Salta_S 24° 47′ 0″ W 65° 25′ 0″

March 13, 2011



Breakfast on the plaza
Old gentlemen reading the newspaper
A very friendly waiter
Heavy clouds in the distance
Horses passing the plaza, the gauchos dressed up, the Getrampel nicely coordinatedly uncoordinated
People watching, with a huge freshly squeezed orange juice, good (!) coffee and the best medialunas I’ve had in Argentina in front of me
Life’s good
It’s Saturday


Another two first times: flight cancelled.
And a night in a 5***** hotel for free.
Not bad. Not bad.
And I was thinking, it couldn’t have happened in a less convenient moment – it’s Saturday, I was travelling in the North, with no plans for Sunday other than to be back in BsAs to dance tango in the evening. Which I did. Cause we had to get up at 3.45am to catch our flight back. Oh well. Short, but nice, nice.
It feels strange to know that this was my last trip in Argentina. For now. For this time.
I fell in love with the North just the way I fell in love with the South.



I love the painted words on Latin American walls. Instead of signs.
I love capturing normal people doing normal things
Driving past
Normal NeverComeAgain/AMillionTimesToBeRepeated-scenes


Salta-ndo. Gente de salta.

2 Responses to “Salta_S 24° 47′ 0″ W 65° 25′ 0″”

  1. wietse said

    I love your blogs! There is something timeless almost poetic about them. Well done!

    • laura said

      Thanks, that’s sweet… I love writing… Good to see that there are people who like to read the blogs… Keep reading! And I keep writing…

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