Purmamarca_S 23° 44′ 00″ W 65° 29′ 00″

March 10, 2011

Salinas grandes. South of the border.

No words can describe the happy feeling you get by looking at all these colours
Shades of red and orange
Green and grey
Beige and yellow
Pink and purple
Mixed with clouds
High up
Down low
Bright white and rainy grey
And then the sun comes out and everything changes again

Our earth in the making
Nature’s wonders, concentrated
And me in the middle of all of this, in awe

Cactus. An ocean of.


Passing over 4000m; through the rain and dropping temperatures
Down again, as curvy as up, and there they lay in front of us: las Salinas Grandes
The Salar de Uyuni in the winter of 2002 were dry
This time, I walk in the salty water of the flats, further South, across the border. It’s summer.
It’s 2011, my Spanish includes verbs now, my hair is shorter, my thoughts different, everything nothing is the same.
It’s the usual. And still amazing.
However you look at it.


This time, though, I taste the salt waster which is unsurprisingly surprisingly salty
Funny pictures and white feet, white legs, white socks, white shoes
When it dries, your skin reflects the sun in a million tiny little crystals
On the way back: a truck loaded with a lot of nitroglycerine, driving at 3km/h, people waiting, people watching
I ran out of words for Northern Argentina two days ago, so I just look out of the window, while Mercedes and Esteban talk about Uruguayan politics and the 1980s

A scenic drive through everchanging colours
Another day in the North
Short encounters with people from here and there, BsAs, Bariloche, Denkmark. Switzerland. Uruguay. Humahuaca, Jujuy.

Back in Purmamarca: a short hike around the mountains, more colours, more ohs and ahs, completely unnecessary, but oh well, you know.

Töpferware. Enriched my cup collection. Yeah.

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