Cafayate_S 26° 5′ 0″ W 65° 58′ 0″

March 8, 2011

The North: shaded. A thousand colours. And more.
Breathtaking rock formations. Millions of years.
Valles Calchaquíes
La Quebrada de Escoipe
A private tour, me loves
Sun, but not too much
Clouds, many
In the morning, they hang so low that they touch the foot of the mountains
To the right
To the left
Every direction offers amazing views
It’s hard to decide where to turn my head

La garganta del diablo

Once again I am reminded of my geomorphology classes at university
I love nature
I love those geological eras that make our lives but a blink in time
Interesting how we can talk about anything like a status quo when if comes to our planet – as if things were ‘done’ by now. As if mountains weren’t still oroding and valleys still filling up with sediments.
No visible changes in our life time and we’ll all long be gone by the time anything will have moved by a few centimeters.
No hike no rock climbing zone
Erosion underway in what seems stable
It’s all about wind and water



eroding. still.

“Siempre es mejor ser socio” (‘downtown’ Cafayate)

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