Buenos Aires_S 34° 36′ 12″ W 58° 22′ 54″

January 24, 2011


I walk the busy streets of BsAs
Water dripping from the air con, all over the sidewalks, all along
It’s a million degrees hot
N and D are on a plane back to Europe
I will miss them. We had a lot of fun.

People waiting. People watching.

City of dogs. I hate every single one of their owners.

Downtown. Nosky.

Embracing Talcahuano

Today: my first day of school
The teacher is lovely and the other kid doesn’t bully me. So it’s all good.
Moved to Palermo Soho. Surrounded by cafés and restaurants. Me likes.

The last days:
A lot of theme and situational singing
Food (a lot of food, actually). Exploring. Markets. Talking. Laughing.
MALBA. Museums. Mattresses.
Wine upgrades
Chicken, headdown, filled with plastic bags


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