El Bolson_S 41°58’23” W 71°30’56”

January 14, 2011

El Bolson_S 41°58’23” W 71°30’56”

The bus trip from Esquel to El Bolson: snowy mountain, Andes feeling like back in 2002
Wide open spaces
Not the kind of nothingness you feel and can almost touch when you drive through Southern Patagonia
A different kind
A mountainous kind
El Bolson seems to be a laid back little place
I wait, surrounded by our bags, in a street café, that N and D come back with good news for accommodation
Watching the ‘busy’ street life, I drink a submarino. I love submarinos. A simple yet delicious invention.

This place turns out to be a hippie town full of stoned people, young and old.
A very nice market, after the rain, selling everything from politically (in)correct dolls to berries in all forms, music instruments, empanadas, woollen pullovers, stuff, more stuff, and toys for kids(?) that look as if they were created under the influence of illegal substances.



Lots of ice cream
New music instruments
An unsuccessful band and a fired manager
A nice walk, up and down, to a refugio

On the way back.

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