El Calafate_S 50°20′60” W 72°17′60”

January 5, 2011

El Calafate_S 50°2060” W 72°1760”
03 January

It’s been eight and a half years since I’ve been to South America.
It seemed unreachable for a long time and for no reason, but here I am.

A long journey. FRA-BsAs1-BsAs2-EC.
Long hours
No sleep
No personal entertainment system on a 13+hrs flight, but three new spoons form y airlinespooncollection, yay!

A very informative taxi ride from the tiny airport to El Calafate
Funny guy. Tons of information. No pause.

My bad arrived, standby-nostandby, Aerolinas Argentinas is a catastrophe.
Nice little encounters
An even nicer reunion
Sometimes time passes without passing

04 January

It’s the fourth of the new year, and I woke up at the almostendoftheworld.

A bus to el Parque Nacional de los Glaciares
Perito Moreno
Breathtaking noises
Breaking ice blocks
Big waves
Open mouths

Perito. Moreno. Pretty. Massive.

A walk on the glacier
Spiked shoes
Shy steps
Ohs and ahs
Nobody falls into a crevasse
A very, very windy place
Wind everywhere. On the boat. Sitting on the rocks. On the bus.


I look into the distance and pretend to bet he only person in the world.
Endless landscapes
A gigantic Lago Argentino
Tiny houses

Dirt in my hair
Weather on my skin
I am exhausted
I am happy
I just am. Happy.


05 January

Sitting on a bus
Driving through Patagonia
Tiredness of a sleepless night
But I don’t want to close my eyes
I don’t want to miss a second of what’s outside
Terrible music, loud, it would be impossible to sleep anyways
The sun gets up early and sets very late. It’s forever light outside.
Wide plains
Shrubs, no trees

This place is empty

Traces of people who passed, left, are gone. Not much else out there.

It’s good to be here
Sweet nothingness
And then: snowcovered mountains

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